UK federalists to continue as a separate political party

Following on from the Federalist Convention held in Brussels on December 3 2016, the UK arm of the European Federalist Party, has announced that it will not be merging into the Stand up for Europe organisation that was proposed at the convention.

In a press release yesterday, the UK Federalist Party (UKFP) stated that “the Board of the Federalist Party met in London to discuss this development and consider the future of our party within the new European structure. Whilst we welcome the fresh approach and new relationship that Stand Up for Europe introduces, and recognise that it can and does work successfully under the appropriate conditions, it was thought that, considering the United Kingdom’s political system, the existing approach of a UK-wide political party, coordinated at the national level, would be more effective”.

The UKFP board agreed to continue with the current structure and focus “on the promotion of federalism, not just at the European level, but more importantly within the United Kingdom and worldwide”.

They also stated that Stand up for Europe will have a presence in the UK through its city teams set up. This effectively means that there will be two organisations following the federalist idea in the UK. It’s unclear at this early point whether the both groups will continue to work closely together at this stage.

You can see the entire UKFP press release here.


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