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Europa 60th – the birthday in pictures

What a weekend the 25th of March was. Here is a selection of wonderful images from all over Europe as well as the many organisations that helped to make the 60th-anniversary of the Treaty of Rome such a special event. We here at Europe United were immensely proud to have been involved as a partner with many of the initiatives and we look forward to playing a part in the future of Europe. Here’s to the next 60 years!.

Where possible, we have credited the owners of the images. Please let us know if you took the pictures here but are not credited.

Alessandro Gallo
The European Commission
Young European Movement
Jack Dart
Janet Owen
Luca Daghino
Bernard Van Dulmen Krumpelmann
Europeisk Ungdom
Pulse Of Europe
Phill Dunn
Union Of European Federalists
Johan Alkstål
Karolis Stasiukenas
Gazeta Wyborcza

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