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Ken Sweeney

Born and raised in Ireland. A lover of cars, rugby and European politics. Freelance writer and co-founder and editor of Europa United. Ken loves the idea of freedom of movement and is a committed Europhile.

Britain, Brexit is your problem – Ireland

It started off this morning with Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Simon Coveney, calling for the EU to move the border between Ireland and Britain into the Irish Sea. Now this afternoon, following on from the reaction by the British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, who said that […]

Ireland’s soft Brexit

While there is so much speculation as to what kind of Brexit deal will be agreed between the European Union and Great Britain, one thing is for sure: that Ireland will want a deal that is as close to the status quo as possible. In order to achieve […]

Catalonia – October vote beckons

Despite the claim by the Spanish deputy prime minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría that “they can announce that they are going to hold this referendum as many times as they like and postpone it as many weeks as they like and organise as many events as they like, […]

Britain – The sick man of Europe

Not since the Second World War has Britain experienced such political turmoil as this last week. Faced with a hung parliament, the conservative party under Theresa May has managed to wipe out its majority seats, and with Brexit negotiations set to kick off in the next few weeks, […]