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Klaudjo Kavaja

Lived in six different countries across Europe, with an academic background in International Relations, Development Work and Education Policy.
Working in the field of Education, International Development, and Human Rights with professional experience in International Organizations, INGOs, and Research Institutes.
My interests include writing and academic research in issues such as EU affairs, Education, Public Policy, Migration, Conflict and Peace-building, and Western Balkans.
I consider the European integration of Western Balkans as a whole, as the only viable sociopolitical and economic alternative for the region.
An avid language lover speaking Albanian, English, Greek, and Spanish.

The unpaid internships phenomenon

Work experience has become a prerequisite for those students and young graduates who want to launch a successful career. Entry job positions seek for some prior work experience: either volunteer or through an internship. Most students, before they even go into job hunting, will start looking for internships […]