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milen marinov

Bulgarian, journalist and devoted to the European cause person.

Turkey- our bullying neighbour

Europa United’s Milen Marinov examines the current political crisis between Turkey and its neighbours. For so long, a cordial political position has existed in the Eastern Mediterranean but under Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey has recently taken to antagonising its neighbours and this hasn’t gone unnoticed in the European […]

Why Russia covets Macedonia

On the 4th of June the British newspaper The Guardian revealed that Russian spies and diplomats had been involved in a nearly decade-long action to spread propaganda and provoke discord in Macedonia. This is believed to have been a part of broader efforts by the Kremlin to increase […]

Putin’s game in the Balkans

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin provoked anger in Bulgarian society and officials after he told his Macedonian colleague George Ivanov on May 24 which was the Day of Slavic Literacy, that the Cyrillic script came from Macedonia.“The Slavic alphabet and literature came to us from Macedonian soil”, […]