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Retired IT professional. Studied at Imperial College, the London School of Economics and Political Science and Hatfield Polytechnic. Bit of a polymath with main interests being music (collecting but not much performing), poetry, culture, computing, carpentry, cooking, rambling, swimming, whisky and wine … history and of course politics.

Article 50 – an unguided missile

In 1825 William Blake painted ‘Ancient of Days’, a dark scientific interpretation of creation. The fictional Urizien, holding a technician’s dividing compass, constructs cosmic order from chaos. Blake’s mythology was realised in his paintings and in his poetry, full of inspiration. His poem ‘Jerusalem’ was published in 1808. […]

The domino effect

Steve DuBois gives us a humorous, yet stark vision of the phone call from hell. With homage, respect and apologies to Bob Newhart [1] International entrepreneur O. Mio Theo (Rupert to his friends) is hard at work, a diminutive homunculus behind his over-sized megadesk, surrounded by screens displaying […]

The Spectre of Sovereignty

Putting the ‘Con’ into ‘Take Back Control’. Two of the memes that were the icing on the ‘Leave’ campaign’s layer-cake were ‘… the erosion of our sovereignty’ and ‘Take Back Control’. These two hooks were swallowed by leave voters without raising an eyebrow. Few asked ‘What is the […]