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Sean McLaughlin

My day job is a financial analyst for Latin America in London.

Aside from this, I am building a profile as a commentator on political and economic developments on the European continent. Below is my Facebook commentary profile and email address.

Sean McLaughlin - Europe Commentator

A valediction to Mariano Rajoy

Europa United contributor, Sean McLaughlin asses the career of former Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy and argues that his resignation was abrupt and that maybe Spain will be the poorer for it. Mariano Rajoy left Spain’s Palacio de las Cortes on 31 May after over seven years as the country’s Prime Minister. It is regretful […]

How viable is Britain’s second Empire?

Many people in Britain believe that the country joined the European Community in 1973 at the expense of its global ties with countries like Australia. The argument goes: since membership of the EEC/EU, the common external tariff (customs union) of the European Union, and with it, the inability therefore for […]