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Tomas Ambra

I am a researcher with a background in Geography developing certain applications in the field of applied economic sciences. The main reason why I joined Europa United is the growing populism in our European society. Alternative facts and untrue statements have become a daily reality in Europe, jeopardizing the unique EU project. I have lived, studied and worked across Europe, something my (grand) parents could never do nor experience when they were my age. And it is the EU that enabled me to do so. Given the European history, populism and nationalism fueled hatred and wars that yielded horrific results. As pointed out by Stephen Hawking: “we spend a great deal of time studying history, which, let's face it, is mostly the history of stupidity”. Thus, building walls, re-establishing borders and contributing to fragmentation of Europe is not a good way to go. The EU is a beacon of hope and is worth fighting for! Joining Europa United means playing a role in counter-balancing the negative perception of the EU so that we do not go backward, but forward.