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Last Brexit to Brussels

In a last-minute attempt to resolve the Brexit crisis, British Prime Minister Theresa May has secured a package of measures on the Irish backstop with the European Union which she hopes will allow her to get the final withdrawal deal through the House of Commons today. And if […]

Irish Government publishes Brexit plan

The Irish Government has published a plan for legislation that will underpin the Government’s plan to deal with a hard Brexit. Irish national state broadcaster, RTE, published the following brief and it is reproduced here with all rights reserved.  Provisions (Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European […]

We need to talk about a European confederacy

The European unity project is floundering with the long established but lazy federalism movement regurgitating old ideas and providing few solutions to current problems. But should we be taking the whole idea of closer integration more slowly? Europa United Editor Ken Sweeney says yes. The Confederate States of Europe […]