Why 25 March is a joyous occasion worth celebrating. And why we, as citizens of the European Union, are invited to send a signal on that day…

Europa United is delighted to welcome you to our latest member, Oliver H Schmidt. Oliver is German born and raised and is passionate about human growth, innovation and entrepreneurship. Oliver studied Psychology and has over 15 years experience in HR management with one of the most globalized and innovative companies of […]

Europa United – Our team

Europa United was established in August 2016 by Martina Brinkmann, Adam Snygg and Ken Sweeney. Our original aim was for it to be a portal for the three people who were interested in writing about Europe. Since then it has grown into a team of writers from across Europe […]

The domino effect

Steve DuBois gives us a humorous, yet stark vision of the phone call from hell. With homage, respect and apologies to Bob Newhart [1] International entrepreneur O. Mio Theo (Rupert to his friends) is hard at work, a diminutive homunculus behind his over-sized megadesk, surrounded by screens displaying […]