European Voices -the Freedom of Movement Tour part 5 – Swedish trains and German walls

We are at part five of our coverage of the Freedom of Movement tour with Chiara Ginestra and Alexander Colling who are travelling across Europe on bicycle to discover the wonderful right of  freedom of movement within the European Union. Don’t forget to follow them on their Facebook page , Tumblr and their Twitter handle. In this episode, […]

Life, death and the right to choose

We Europeans usually value one of the qualities our continent has produced is civilisation in its present and almost universal form. The exceptions are few and very far from this continent, yet for all of the ‘primitiveness’ of the way some of them live, there are traits here […]

The fight for the new post-Brexit EU budget.

Did you know that Britain’s exit in March next year will deprive Brussels of some 12 billion euros from an annual budget which is now now running at approximately 140 billion euros? Europa United’s Christos Mouzeviris talks about the forthcoming EU budget and proposes changes that should benefit all involved – not without […]